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The third annual conference for 1p36 families, caregivers and supporters was held in Indianapolis, Indiana in July.  There were approximately 36 families in attendance for a total of around 140 attendees.  That’s the largest group to attend a conference so far.

Speakers presented new information about 1p36 Deletion Syndrome and its treatment.  Panels discussed specific concerns and solutions families in the group have found.  Attendees enjoyed a pool party and movie night together.  And best of all, families were able to network together and spend time supporting one another.

A $50 gift card was given away as a prize to one lucky conference attendee.  That winner was Karen West.  Congratulations Karen!  Enjoy your prize and thanks for attending the conference.

It takes many helping hands to make a conference this big successful. The following Individuals, corporations, volunteer speakers and donors were instrumental in the 2009 1p36 Deletion Support & Awareness Conference in Indianapolis, IN. We are grateful for your support and kindness towards our children and this amazing organization that brings hope to so many of our families.

Thank you so much to the following individuals for their dedication and sacrifices:

Julie and Jason Friedman – 2009 Conference Planning Committee Chairs

Phoenix Schaefer – Conference Planning Committee, Securing the Donated Funds for the Binders, Social Planning Committee

Gavin Ross – Conference Planning Committee, Sibling Workshop, Dad’s Breakfast, Memorial Service Committee

Kelly Turner – Memorial Service Committee

Robin Jones – Conference Planning Committee, Sign Language Workshop, Social Planning Committee

Debbie Sander – For helping finish the gift bags Thursday night!

Karen and Steve Bess – Conference Planning Committee, all of your tips and tricks from previous conference, Binder Printing and for helping put together the binders on Friday!

Carrie and Shawn Daggett – Conference Video Taping and Helping put together the binders on Friday!

Jeanne Spaletto – For making the awesome Conference DVD with our children and their beautiful smiles!

Toni MacDonald Hinkley – For duplicating the Conference DVD and allowing each family to take one home with them.

Carla Erickson – For donating a portion of the speaker’s gifts and conference gift bags and for staying up Wednesday night and putting them together!

Sherryl Clifford – For donating the toys for the 1p36 Babysitting Room and driving them down to the hotel on Thursday night.

The Arnold Family – For picking the toys back up and returning to the Cliffords!

Angela Gallagher – For donating the Office Depot Gift Card and Supplies

Barry Shewmaker and LaTamia Briscoe- Embassy Suites Downtown

Bridget Davis and Anne Lustig– Babysitting Volunteers

We had amazing and knowledgeable speakers volunteer their time to this year’s conference. Many traveled very far to be with us: Washington State, Canada, Florida, etc.  Thank you so much for making the time to educate our families. We learned so much!

Therapist Panel:  Amy Peterson, Physical Therapist; Marci Penner, Occupational Therapist; Krista Elston, Speech Therapist; Trina Easton, Nutritionist

Dr. Lisa Shaffer – Signature Genomic Laboratories

Gordon Homes: Special Needs Financial Planning – Met Life

Robin and Abby Jones: Sign Language Workshop

Dr. Kevin Bax: GI Speaker

Dr. Anthony Perszyk – Pediatric Developmental Geneticist

We had an overwhelming response for donations this year. Both corporate and individual donors came forth with very generous donations in monetary support, discount services and donated goods. Thank you for your support of the 2009 1p36 Deletion Support & Awareness Conference. We couldn’t have done it without you!  In all of our fundraising efforts we raised over $10,000.  Not only did this fund this year’s conference but will go toward future 1p36 DSA conferences and efforts.