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Frequently Asked Questions > FAQ's about 1p36 Deletion Syndrome > Will my future children have 1p36 Deletion Syndrome?

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Most of the time, 1p36 Deletion Syndrome is not inherited, and is not likely to happen again in the future. Occasionally, a parent may have a chromosome rearrangement that significantly increases the chances of having another child with 1p36 Deletion Syndrome. All parents of children with 1p36 Deletion Syndrome should have genetic counseling, and should undergo chromosome analysis and/or FISH testing depending on the size of the deletion. Microarray CGH testing should not be used because it will not pick up "balanced" rearrangements in the parents. The array only tells us if there is a deletion or a duplication.

If you have questions regarding future pregnancies, we recommend contacting a genetics provider. Genetic counselors are health professionals with specialized training and experience in the area of medical genetics and counseling. Clinical geneticists are physicians who diagnose, treat, and counsel patients and families with genetic conditions. Both geneticists and genetic counselors can talk with you about your family history and the implications for future pregnancies. You can locate a genetic counselor through the National Society of Genetic Counselors. You can also search for a list of genetics clinics in your area through the GeneTetsts Clinic Directory.

If you have further general questions about cytogenic testing for you child please see FAQ for patients, courtesy of Dr. Lisa Shaffer and Signature Genomics.